Shaw Media's Bears Insider team getting the word out on Bears helping to tackle COVID-19

Shaw Media’s Bears Insider team hopes that our readers and all of our fellow humans are staying safe and looking out for each other amid the coronavirus pandemic. All we have right now is each other, and heeding the advice of our most trusted doctors and scientists is how we can help pay back our brave healthcare and essential workers, pay our respects to our fallen and ill brothers and sisters and get our lives back.

What we cannot allow the disease to do is make us feel helpless during these strange and scary times. And with many of your favorite Bears mobilizing to help, we want to spread the word. Move over, Bears 2020 free-agent tracker, this is the Bears COVID-19 help tracker.

After the Bears kicked off with a $250,000 donation, leading WR Allen Robinson is stepping up once again with his Within Reach Foundation to help feed the kids who are stuck at home rather than in school.