The Emma Hubbs Tennis Classic took to the courts at Page Park this week for the 30th annual installment of the youth tournament started by and now honoring longtime Dixon tennis guru, the late Emma Hubbs.

Kids of all ages competed in 18 divisions at the five-day event, which marks the end to the summer’s tennis lessons for the Dixon Park District. The tournament concludes with the final three divisions Friday: 15-and-under boys singles at noon, 13-and-under girls doubles at 2 p.m., and 18-and-under mixed doubles at 4 p.m.

Here are the results for the first four days of the tournament:

Day 1

As usual, the 5- to 8-year-olds kicked off the event Monday morning. Anna Partington won the division with 94 points, followed by runner-up Carson Setchell with 72. Owen Hall (68), Harper Toms (45) and Amaya VanQuathem (44) rounded out the top five; other players were James Catt, Jane Oprian, Kate Oprian, Josie Rhodes, Lauren Wagner and Lola Smith.

In the 15-and-under girls doubles division, the duo of Addison Arjes and Grace Ferguson won both matches, 8-0, 8-0, to take the top spot, while Julia Rhodes and Joy Zigler placed second with an 8-4 win over Jenna Mustapha and Fareeda Alkhalaf.

In 13-and-under boys doubles, the team of Owen Winters and Tyler Zepezauer won 16 games, edging Kaiser Khawaja and Jubraan Alkhalaf (15 games won) for the title. Joel Rhodes and Hiram Zigler were third (12), and Tarek Khawaja and Dominik Zachary (5) finished fourth.

In 18-and-under boys singles, Logan Moeller won 44 games to top the division, with Leith Elbzour (41 games won) a close second. John Craft Jr. (37), Holden Longan (32) and Bashar Elbzour (25) rounded out the top five, with Yamaan Alkhalaf (19), Kaiser Khawaja (14) and Jubraan Alkhalaf (11) also competing.

Day 2

Tuesday started out with the 11-and-under boys singles division. Joel Rhodes won 13 games to take the title, while Tarek Khawaja won nine games and Aiden Bork won two.

In 15-and-under boys doubles, Yamaan Alkhalaf and Bashar Elbzour won 19 games to edge Kaiser Khawaja and Jubraan Alkhalaf (18 games won) for the crown. Joel Rhodes and Hiram Zigler won six games, and Dominik Zachary and Tyler Zepezauer won five games.

In 13-and-under girls singles, Grace Ferguson won 38 games to win the title, with Brooklyn Arjes taking second with 23 games won. Rachel Lance and Addison Arjes both won 22 games, and Lance defeated Arjes, 11-9, in a head-to-head tiebreaker for third place after the two tied, 4-4, in their first match. Fareeda Alkhalaf (14) and Jenna Mustapha (1) also competed.

In 18-and-under girls doubles, Sarah Tunink and Leah Kuehl won 17 games for first place, Emma Russell and Chloe Coil won 15 games for second, and Julia Rhodes and Lilliana Campbell won four games to take third.

Day 3

The 11-and-under girls singles opened play Wednesday, with Brooklyn Arjes winning 20 games to take the crown. Fareeda Alkhalaf won 17 games to place second, while Meerna Elbzour took third (10). Sofia Georgieva (8) finished fourth, and Jenna Mustapha (5) was fifth.

Leah Kuehl defeated Julia Rhodes, 6-0, 6-0, for the 15-and-under girls singles title.

In the 13 mixed doubles bracket, Kaiser Khawaja and Grace Ferguson won 17 games to take the title, while Tyler Zepezauer and Addison Arjes took second with 15 games won. Jubraan and Fareeda Alkhalaf were third (11), and Yamaan Alkhalaf and Jenna Mustapha finished fourth (9). Owen Winters and Brooklyn Arjes (5) and Tarek Kahwaja and Sofia Georgieva (3) also played.

In 18-and-under boys doubles, Lucas Healy and Logan Moeller won 21 games to earn the top spot, with Holden Longan and Leith Elbzour taking second (15). Yamaan Alkhalaf and Bashar Elbzour took third over Kaiser Khawaja and Jubraan Alkhalaf by winning the head-to-head matchup, 5-3; both duos won six games in bracket play.

Day 4

The tournament continued Thursday with three more divisions, led off by the 15-and-under mixed doubles division. Kaiser Khawaja and Grace Ferguson took the title with 30 games won, Yamaan and Fareeda Alkhalaf placed second (17), Tyler Zepezauer and Addison Arjes took third (16), Joel and Julia Rhodes finished fourth (13), and Bashar and Meerna Elbzour were fifth (4).

In 13-and-under boys singles, Yamaan Alkhalaf won 20 games to win the division, with Jubraan Alkhalaf taking second (18) and Kaiser Khawaja placing third (17). Joel Rhodes finished fourth (14), while Hiram Zigler and Tarek Khawaja both won six games, with Zigler placing fifth because of a 3-1 win in their head-to-head matchup. Dominik Zachary (3) also played.

In 18-and-under girls singles competition, Leah Kuehl won 24 games to claim the crown, while Lilliana Campbell and Sarah Tunink both won 17 games; Campbell won the head-to-head match, 8-5. Emma Russell won 16 games.

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