Where poetry is concerned, I tend to veer toward classic, and sometimes darker, poetry.

I like the structured meter of older poetry forms, which forms a type of "music" to my ear. And I don't typically read romantic poetry (or novels).

But I have read the free verse poetry of Holly Coop of Joliet and enjoyed it.

I even used her first book, "A Cup of Inspiration to Go" as a morning meditation of positive thoughts, reading one poem a day.

Her tag line for her poetry is "touching hearts through words." To that end, Coop has written a book of poetry to encourage cancer patients. And she is working on a book of poetry regarding forgiveness.

I recently bought her second book "Heart Strings - Forever Wanderer". It's this book I'll review Tuesday in the LocalLit newsletter.

Here is its abridged Amazon description: "Heart Strings - Forever Wanderer" is a book of romantic poetry, which explores love and relationships and the emotional ups and downs that encompass us as we forever wander through our journey of Heart Strings."

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