To the Editor:

As a citizen of Illinois’ 71st District, I feel it is incumbent upon me to voice my support for the candidacy of Joan Padilla for state representative.

Joan’s professional and personal record of civic-mindedness are unimpeachable.

She is the executive director of Home of Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people whose lives have been impacted by cancer. She also spends her free time volunteering at area food banks. Joan has truly dedicated her life to improving the welfare of the vulnerable among us.

It’s not just her past that makes Joan an appealing candidate. Her plans for the district point to a promising future as well. Joan understands that our region’s economic health is key to recovery in a post-coronavirus world. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, lack of economic opportunity has been driving our young talent to other states for years. By maximizing Illinois’ investment in our district’s small business and higher education, Joan will fight to bring us back to the economic powerhouse we once were.

For these reasons, I am proud to say I will be voting for Joan Padilla this November.

Angiola Lombardo


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