Whiteside County property transfers recorded July 20-24

Warranty deeds

Stefan M. and Melissa R. Clouse to Sheena A. and Dustin Sullivan, 1024 13th Ave., Fulton, $157,000.

Federal National Mortgage to Robin and Danial Duncan, 3903 Jenny Court, Sterling, $63,000.

Carlos J. and Rita Ann McNinch to Rebecca A. Foy, Kathryn E. Thiem and Christopher J. McNinch, 104 E. Fourth St., Tampico, $0.

Federal National Mortgage to Brian Lee Hinman, 708 Sixth Ave., Fulton, $15,750.

Brenda J. Besse to Cannon J. Lambert, 8215 Mellotts Road and one parcel of farmland, Fulton, $85,000.

Donald E. and Kathy J. Montgomery Trust and Angela Bielema to Jamie E. and Joseph E. Snyder, 21561 Cattail Road, Fulton, $75,000.

James Kummerer to Satinderjit and Harvinder S. Grewal, 109 N. Fourth St., Fulton, $105,000.

Matthew S. and Hailey Whittaker to James Redden, 206 Third St., Rock Falls, $80,000.

Collin J. and Jennifer N. Wolf, now Wendt, to Jillian Mann, 410 S. Genesee St., Morrison, $72,900.

Christopher R. Preston to Mackenzie A. Barnhart, 1503 Second Ave., Sterling, $126,500.

James W. Anning Estate and Heather and Drake Anning to Drake Anning, 28449 W. Thome Road, Rock Falls, $90,000.

Kenneth R. and Nelda Walls to Nathan Alan and Meagan Marie Bittner, 2101 E. 40th St., Sterling, $228,500.

James E. and Connie D. Conklen to James and Tammy Marks, 505 Galt Ave., Rock Falls, $25,000.

Larry D. Gowan Estate and Jammie M. Nieves and Jacob and Joshua Gowan to Nicholas J. Myers, 20306 Mathew Road, Morrison, $175,000.

Todd N. and Crista Brooner to Andrew R.T. and Anna E. Beswick, 18283 Rodeo Drive, Sterling, $332,500.

Step Seven LLC to Tessa Stouffer, 514 W. Morris St., Morrison, $89,900.

Ronald R. and Theresa J. Nipper to Jennifer L. Hadaway, 206 N. Fremont St., Tampico, $82,900.

James S. Sullivan to Joseph E. and Wilma E. Petersheim, one parcel on Creamery Road, Morrison, $165,000.

John Paul Schilling to Jacqueline Garcia, 1404 Locust St., Sterling, $89,000.

Amy E. Achs to Jeff Reed, 1324 16th Ave., Erie, $125,000.

Martin D. and Jeanne Felesena to Randall and Karen Pearl, 1636 Golfview Court, Erie, $210,500.

Travis Flatten to Lu Property LLC, 201 11th Ave., Fulton, $230,000.

Quit claim deeds

Bradley E. Wickes to Olivia D. Wickes, 1357 Bunker Hill Road, Albany, $0.

William F. and Elizabeth A. McCue to Linnea Belt Trust, two parcels of farmland in Lyndon Township, $43.

Florence M. Bentley Estate, Robert E. Bentley and Constance A. Westfall, formerly Wallen to Eugene R.Bentley Trust, Robert M. Bentley, trustee, 701 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $0.

Rudy L. and Sarah E. Petersheim to James S. Sullivan, one parcel on Creamery Road, Morrison, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Michael R. Plotner Trust to Mark A. and Becky S. Koehler, 26553 Hurd Road, Deer Grove, $59,400.

James R. and Marilyn A. White Trust to Jesus Colon and Ninfa Sosa Meza, 4404 Emerson Road, Sterling, $80,000.

Eugene R. Bentley Trust to 815 Properties LLC, 701 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $112,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded July 20-24

Warranty deeds

Timothy Clemons to Justin Robert Reese Jr. and Lisa Jean Guzman, block 25, lot 43 and 44, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

William Brown and Megan McCauley Brown to Angie and Victor Mojica and Jeannette Torres, block 16, lot 188, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $21,000.

Gerald A. Prather to Erick F. Padilla and Liliana, Gilberto and Margarita Raices, block 17, lot 167, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $14,500.

William and Sharon Hamilton to Veronica Avilez, Adriana Sanchez and Yadira and Melissa Cervantes, block 2, lot 296, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

Dianna D. and Thomas J. Stewart to Leslie E. and Michael A. Maghett, block 3, lot 229, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

Angela Legrand and Tariq Dandan to Timothy A. Blackwood, block 5, lot 442 and 443, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $40,000.

Marek Zachara to Scott D. Fyfe and Erwin C. Cruzpe, block 24, lot 251, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $12,500.

Ana I. Colon to Juan and Ana Flores, block 4, lot 199, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,999.

Michael K. Bennett to Donna R. and Jeffrey D. Donovan, block 11, lot 7, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

Olga and carol Aguirre to Robert and Christine Cheffer, block 17, lot 22, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

Janice L. Lundgren to Ivannia Cumming, block 24, lot 51, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $18,000.

Douglas W. Hampton to David and Christine Hallin, block 1, lot 126, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Marion D. Fritz Jr. to David Lee Hendrix, 1619 Chicago St., Dixon, $118,000.

Gabriel and Susan Knapp to Michael Verner and Mary Martinez-Verner, block 2, lot 277, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,500.

Justin Wiggins to Beth A. and William A. Wilson, 2014 Lowell Park Road, Dixon, $140,000.

Beth A. and William A. Wilson to Matthew T. Hefty, 1931 Hidden Shores Drive, Dixon, $849,000.

Robert I. and Sonok Smith to Megan Skrzypinski, 1401 W. First St., Dixon, $122,000.

Michael R. and Rachel L. Breitzka to Gabriel Steven Poser and Haley M. Thorpe, 613 Garden Walk, Dixon, $130,000.

Andres D. and Danae E. Arellano to Allison Johnston, 610 S. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $122,000.

Jean L. Holcomb to Sandra Contreras Donato and Carena E. Alcala, block 7, lots 29 and 30, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

John E. and Eileen F. Crimmins to Samuel Thomas Dambra, block 19, lot 30, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $22,900.

Quit claim deeds

Czeslaw A. and Stanislawa Maj to Beata and Krzysztof Wrona and Marta Kulon, block 24, lot 109, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Jim Gwynn to Michael Silfies, block 10, lot 7, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

Lonny J. Terzo to Juan F. Gallegos, block 11, lot 123, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,300.

Trustee’s deeds

Mary Joan Nottke Trust, Mary Joan Nottke, trustee to Jesus R. Navejas and Danielle Haugen, block 10, lot 178, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $55,000.

Executor’s deed

Linda E. Sartino, Fred R. Full and Darlene Fischer to Denise M. Bickett, 1314 Baseline Road, LaMoille, $1.23 million.

Lucille and John Nicholson and Linda K. Sellers to Derek and Marissa Sellers, 3263 Chicago Road, Paw Paw, $245,000.

Joseph R. and Mary Diane Billquist to Nathaniel G. Record and Marissa J. Salinas, 2167 Forest Park Circle, Dixon, $140,000.

Source: Lee County recorder’s office

Ogle County property transfers recorded July 17-23

Warranty deeds

Andrew C. Bartelt to Dennis K. and Melissa J. Seydel, 508 N. Thomas Ave., Polo, $165,000.

Linda L. Vandiver to Joshua Suiugan, 6196 E. McCormick Road, Byron, $170,000.

James E. Franklin to Coilcraft Inc., 601 S. First St., Oregon, $90,000.

Christopher and Angela Stephenitch to Cathy E. Lowery, 200 N. School St., Chana, $84,000.

Russell J. and Mary S. McKinney to Cole J. and Richele L. Stegall, 8758 N. Rainer Court, Byron, $159,000.

Troy L. and April L. Lantz to Jacob and Danielle Hauch, 2042 N. Meridian Road, Stillman Valley, $192,000.

Bryce J. and Monica Hawkins to Jorge Salinas, 703 Golden Prairie Drive, Davis Junction, $215,000.

Tracy and Todd Morgan, Rhonda Drew, Dawn Shank and David Nuttall to River Property LLC, 4205 W. Cedar St., Grand Detour, $5,670.

Brian S. and Maria T. Boys to Kabbage Patch LLC, 14247 E. state Route 64, Chana, $53,000.

Odis G. and Sherry J. Hudson to Linda Lacombe, 115 Nancy St., Mt. Morris, $147,000.

William Kuehl to Alfonso Toral Hernandez and Francisca Flores Leiva, 403 W. Lincoln St., Mt. Morris, $75,900.

Michael F. Hartman to Brandt R. Eastman, 11463 W. state Route 64, Forreston, $194,000.

Herbert E. Smith to Jamie L. and James A. Bingham III, 102 Windover Park Drive, Rochelle, $172,000.

Ryan D. and Courtney A. Rood to Brandon L. Person and Jillian N. Kopecky, 110 Harvest Glenn Drive, Davis Junction, $151,000.

Haywell LLC Westwood to Leonard M. and Joanne M. Schulfer, one parcel in Flagg Township, $25,000.

Eric V. Gordon to Jacob R. Rose and Danielle M. Hurst, 216 Lake Lida Lane, Rochelle, $20,000.

Daniel E. Luepkes to David A. and Kimberly N. Luepkes, 1144-1166 S. Meridian Road, Chana, $781,000.

Christine Scott to John Gates, 105 N. Mineral St., Byron, $122,500.

John W. and Ann Haag to Richard A. Fustin, 304 Cuyahoga Drive and 329 and 333 Wild Cherry Drive, Dixon, $138,000.

Leif R. and Karen M. Lindgren to Troy Lee Lantz, 725 Birch St., Byron, $242,500.

Askvig Boys Construction LLC to Kelsey Plemmons, 1039 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle, $162,000.

Allen and Ardith Berg to Michael F. and Elizabeth A. Basham, 5614 S. Beck Road, Creston, $246,000.

Timothy F. and Amber N. Dobbeke to Diana Forristall, 103 Harvest Glenn Drive, Davis Junction, $138,000.

Roger and Sharon Duncan to Jillian and William Skyes Wise III, 1216 Pickwick Drive, Rochelle, $247,000.

Jeff W. and Sara J. Slattengren to Jaime Bugarin, 120 S. Eighth St., Rochelle, $42,500.

Sarah Curran and Darrin Wertz to Zachary Ryan Richards, 909 N. Ninth St., Rochelle, $133,000.

Mark and Susan Hickey to Michelle R. Olivia, 15958 E. Lu Ann Lane, Davis Junction, $203,000.

KJ Management Group LLC to Legacy Management Group Inc., two parcels in Pine Creek Township, $305,000.

Michael R. Baxter to Kent and Colleen Oltman, 2753 N. Indian Heights Drive, Oregon, $129,000.

Dale R. and Nancy A. Varboncoeur to DLMJ Investments LLC, 8724 N. River Road, Byron; 416 Hitt St. and 422 S. Ogle St., Mt. Morris; and 901 Jefferson St., Oregon, $200,000.

Margaret A. White to Steven McBride and Robyn Simmons, 108 and 110 Minnesota Drive, Dixon, $167,000.

Bryan and Rebecca Alm, also Watzka, to BRGS Relocation Inc., 16991 W. Stewart Road, Polo, $148,000.

Stephen and Rachel Walk Hofmann to Michael R. Baxter, 211 N. Maple St., Stillman Valley, $190,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Rebecca Haas, 100 S. Broadway St., Forreston, $87,000.

Quit claim deeds

Steven J. Tonkovich to Alan M. and Amy L. Henkel, 920 and 922 Monongahela Drive, Dixon, $0.

Amanda R. and Matthew J. Steder and Candace K. Tueken to Matthew J. Steder, 1033 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle, $0.

Amanda R. and Matthew J. Steder and Candace K. Tueken to Amanda R. Steder, 210 N. Standard Oil Road, Rochelle, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Ronald C. Steder Trust, the late Roanld C. Steder and Amanda R. Steder, trustees, to Matthew J. Steder, 1033 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle, $0.

Carolyn S. Montavan Trust76, Carolyn S. Montavon, trustee, to William J. and Kristine M. Grzywa, 20508 E. Welty Road, Esmond, $175,000.

Caroline F. Bargren Revocable Trust, Jonathan Bargren, trustee to Donald E. and Darlene F. Vock, 1652 Warrenton Court, Byron, $159,900.

Carol A. Wander Declaration Trust, Kristopher T. Wander, trustee to Daniel Whalen and Erika Meiners, 6786 S. Lost Nation Road, Dixon, $375,000.

North Star Trust LT1683, Chicago Title Land Trust Co., trustee, to Larry E. Boes, 5977 N. CI Meyers Drive, Byron, $55,000.

Pifkin Family Trust515, Carolyn A. and Ronald E. Pifkin, trustees, to JB Adams Family Trust, Brooke A. and James M. Adams, trustees, 6821 E. Hales Corner Road, Stillman Valley, $345,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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