Spring Valley Police Chief Kevin Sangston told the City Council on Monday if anyone is shooting off illegal fireworks, they should call the police station immediately.

“We will respond to calls and we’ll put a stop to it,” Sangston said. “But we need the public to help us.”

Mayor Walt Marini said he’s received complaint calls from residents saying fireworks are being let off as late as 11 p.m.

“They’re rattling walls of houses,” Marini said. “We can’t have that. It not only bothers people, it also bothers animals.”

Sangston said the police need a complaint in order to identify and respond to offenses. He said police will issue citations.

Despite Marini receiving complaints from residents, the police chief said there have been few lodged with the police department. To issue a complaint with the police, call 815-663-2351.

The Spring Valley council’s discussion on illegal fireworks comes after neighboring Peru took a zero-tolerance policy before the weekend. Peru Police Chief Doug Bernabei said three citations were issued over the weekend, but he noted complaints were down.

A Spring Valley council member asked if residents will be allowed to shoot off fireworks during Independence Day or if residents would be allowed to let off fireworks until a certain time, and the mayor and chief said not any illegal fireworks.

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