1990: The new Gazebo in the City Park on the north side is takingshape and should be ready for the Fourth of July festivities.
1990: The new Gazebo in the City Park on the north side is takingshape and should be ready for the Fourth of July festivities.

June 2015

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was indicted on Federal charges of dodging bank laws with cash moves, and lying to the FBI.

June 2010

Yorkville School Supt. Dr. Thomas Engler and Assistant Supt. for Instruction Doug Trumble were honored at a reception as they both retired at the end of the school year.

June 2005

A drought has caused Yorkville to ban all lawn sprinkling and area farmers to begin worrying about their crops.

June 2000

Yorkville City Council approved plans to lease space for a skate park in front of Parfection Park golf driving range on Route 47 on the south side.

June 1995

City of Yorkville offices were moved from their Tower Lane site to space in the County Office Building on Fox Road.

June 1990

The new Gazebo in the City Park on the north side is taking shape and should be ready for the Fourth of July festivities.

June 1985

The kidnapping of Melissa Ackerman, 7, of Somonauk, has local residents young and old on edge. Local police said they have checked out numerous leads in the area.

June 1980

The City of Yorkville is considering adding a second water tower at the site of the city well south of the Fox Industrial Park.

June 1975

The park at the Glen D Palmer dam will be closed temporarily following a report from the county health inspector. There is a lot of garbage in the area and the State of Illinois is moving an island near the dam to the shore causing safety hazards.

June 1970

A new forest preserve is now open in Kendall County. It is the Baker Forest Preserve and House’s Grove located on Route 52 at the AuSable Creek.

June 1965

Firemen from Bristol-Kendall FD assisted Oswego with a large fire at the Zentmyer Ford Sales in Oswego.

June 1960

The American Legion will take your 48-star flag and burn it in appropriate ceremonies, then you can buy yourself a brand-new 50-star flag in time for the July Fourth festivities.

June 1955

Harry L. Crawford of Yorkville was named acting postmaster at the Yorkville Post Office, succeeding Mervin N. Beecher, who has served the community since 1933.

June 1950

Work has been received from Springfield that a four-way stop will be erected at Route 47 and 71. The Yorkville Lions Club has been the leader among the groups pushing for the signs at the dangerous intersection.

June 1945

The Yorkville Village Board voted down a proposal for a slaughter house to be located behind the Farm Bureau.

June 1940

There are a number of stray dogs about town which will soon be impounded and destroyed. You must take care of your pet. To identify your dog with the authorities, pay the dog tax.

June 1935

Page one ad: The North Side Married Men hereby challenge the South Side Married Men to a five-game series of twilight diamond ball to be played on Tuesday evenings. Signed, North Side (1934 champions)

June 1930

Two daring daylight robbers entered the rear door of the Plano Post Office. They tied up the man on duty, ransacked the office and made their escape with the valuables.

June 1925

Get out the bowls! Haircuts in Chicago are now 75 cents! But you can go to John Reddock, Gus Voss, Julius Way and the rest of the county operators and get a better job for half the price.

June 1920

The open muffler is the “most privileged’ thing in Yorkville. It is privileged to disturb the peace night and day and protests are of no avail. The village officials are the only ones it seems, who cannot hear them. These officials are blind, too, when a speed maniac whistles by.

June 1915

Amos Rose, rural carrier on Route 2 out of Yorkville had his horse fall dead while making his trip Tuesday.

June 1910

Harry Horton of Plattville had a horse badly cut by barbed wire last week.

June 1905

Three more lines of nice cement have been layed around the town in Newark and this improvement is marked.

June 1900

The Fox River is becoming very low as regards water and if the condition continues the fish will have to become land animals.

June 1895

Mr. Alger and Mr. Charles Darnell of Little Rock were in town Saturday and filled up on spring water at our noted spring.

June 1890

A train of 20 cars, loaded with 200 Plano harvesters and binders, started for Montivideo and Buenos Aires, South America last Friday.

June 1885

Yorkville is known in Japan. Last week W. R. Church received an order and draft from Yokohama for a road card and all the best trimmings.

June 1880

Sheep washing commenced in the river at Yorkville last Friday.

June 1875

Tuesday morning about 4 o’clock the sash factory of Wright and Hill took fire and was burned down. There was a loss of $1,500 and no insurance.

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