Ellen Wheatland takes a rip during Marquette's 2019 season.
Ellen Wheatland takes a rip during Marquette's 2019 season.

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Ten questions with a high school spring sports athlete unable to play during the current coronavirus containment measures:


Ellen Wheatland

School, year, college plans:

Marquette Academy, senior, signed last December to play softball at NCAA Division II Notre Dame College in Ohio

Spring sport(s):


How did you first hear that the season was suspended?

"We were on senior retreat in Springfield, and they were keeping things quiet because they weren’t sure, but when we got back, Mrs. (principal Brooke) Rick told us."

What were your and your teammates' feelings when first hearing the news?

"We were kind of shocked, and we were upset because we were really looking forward to this season. We still hope to have one."

Have you been doing anything to try to stay in game shape?

"Going for walks with my mom, playing catch with my brother and hitting into a net in the backyard whenever I can."

Have you stayed in contact with your coaches and teammates?

"I’ve seen a few of my teammates recently, and I talk to them every day, often by text."

What do you miss most about being able to compete?

"Being with my friends and just playing the game."

What were your personal goals for this season? Team goals?

"Personally, I wanted to have a better year than last and hit at least one more home run. One last year wasn’t enough. For the team, we didn’t care how many wins we had during the season as long as we did well in the postseason."

Do you think the season will still take place? If so, in what form/under what kind of schedule?

"We hope there is a season. If it does happen, it will be shortened to maybe conference games and then the postseason. It wouldn’t bother me if it were extended into June. That would only cut into summer softball."

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