Kishwaukee College President Laurie Borowicz.
Kishwaukee College President Laurie Borowicz.

Spring Break is over and Kish is “open”.

Monday, March 30th is a big day at Kishwaukee College. The entire Kish community is shifting to a new way of learning and working. Classes are running, support services are available, and staff are doing the behind the scenes work to keep operations going. And it’s all occurring online.

This is a new chapter in our history, and we are all learning quickly how to adjust to the “new normal”. Faculty have been asked to shift all instruction to online quickly. Those having the expertise to help with the instructional transition have stepped up to help their peers. Laptops have been distributed to those requesting them to complete their work off-campus.

I, like so many other leaders in organizations, am incredibly impressed with how our faculty and staff have stepped up to meet the challenge of rapid change. We are ready.

Over the course of history, there are always bumps and challenges as inventors, entrepreneurs and scientists experiment with new ideas and approaches.  We know this quick transition will not go perfect. At Kish, we have lived with the rapid rate of change for the past decade as our enrollments have declined, resources have diminished, and we have been focused on new and innovative ways to continue to serve our communities and achieve our mission. We have, and will continue to, rise up and face the challenges in front of us. We have done it, and will continue to do so to serve our students.

On Monday, March 30th, we will begin our “alternative instructional delivery”, continuing through the end of the spring semester. We will soon begin to enroll students in summer classes, primarily online, and plan for a full open campus in the fall.

We are ready for our students. And I know Kish will be ready for what comes next.


Dr. Laurie Borowicz


Kishwaukee College

DeKalb County