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MORRISON – Whiteside County’s second confirmed case of COVID-19 is in his or her 60s and is recovering at home, the health department said in a news release Friday morning.

As with the first case, no further information will be provided on the person involved, as a matter of privacy, the release said.

The department’s communicable disease team is monitoring the person.

The first case, a county resident in his or her 40s, was reported March 16. That person has recovered, WCHD Administrator and CEO Cheryl Lee said Friday.

Also Friday, the Bureau, Putnam, Marshall County Health Department announced the first positive COVID-19 case in Bureau County, that of a 47-year-old man, and Carroll County recently reported its first case, a person in his or her 40s.

Shortly after the BPM health department made its annoucement, the Bureau Valley School District announced on its Facebook page that it was notified that a high school staff member tested positive.

“After an investigation, health department officials have indicated that the employee likely contracted the virus after last being on school grounds,” the post said.

“As a result, we have been advised that employees and students are considered ‘low risk’ for potentially being exposed to the virus from this employee.”

Marshall County also has one case, reported Monday.

Not only does the Whiteside County Health Department expect more cases to be reported, but it also acknowledges that more cases likely already exist that have not been confirmed.

That’s because the Illinois Department of Public Health does not recommend people with mild illness be tested, so as to reduce the risk of exposure for health care workers, patients and the public, and reduce the demand for personal protective equipment.

People are being advised to assume that if they have any respiratroy symptoms, they have the virus, and are asked to respond accordingly, by self-isolating at home and seeking medical attention only if their symptoms worsen or they experience emergency warning signs such as chest pain, difficulty breathing or confusion.

Those seeking medical attention should call their health care provider, emergency department, or 911 and discuss symptoms before heading off to a health care facility.

No cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Lee or Ogle counties.

CGH Medical Center has tested 143 individuals, with one positive and 51 negative results, officials said. Where this latest Whiteside County case was tested was not available Friday morning.

Whiteside County Health Department has tested six people, with no positive results, Cheryl Lee said.

KSB Hospital has tested 219 people who meet criteria for COVID-19. Results from 63 tests have come back negative, with 156 results pending, officials said Thursday.

For Lee County specifically, 41 tests have come back negative and 85 tests are pending. Test results are taking up to 10 days to receive due to the back-up in labs across the state.

Other nearby northern Illinois counties with positive COVID-19 cases include DeKalb (6), Jo Daviess (1), Stephenson (2), and Winnebago (9).

All told, the IDPH reported 488 new cases Friday, for a total of 3,026 in Illinois across 40 counties. The death toll has reached 24.

The best defense remains self-isolation and social distancing, Lee said.

Health officials advise you to:

● Stay Put: Stay home, keep essential trips to a minimum.

● Stay Apart: Keep at least 6 feet away from others when you must go out. Avoid lines by taking advantage of pick-up and delivery services for groceries and other goods.

● Stay Connected: Call your friends and family or take advantage of apps that allow video chat. Use technology to watch movies and play games with friends when separated.

● Take care of yourself: Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. Find ways to reduce stress, like taking deep breaths, stretching, or meditating.

● Keep clean: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially before preparing or eating food, touching your face and after you return home.

● Get the facts: Read and share reliable information from IDPH’s COVID19 and CDC’s COVID-19 website,

● Take Breaks: Repeatedly hearing about the pandemic can be upsetting so try and limit how much you watch and read. Step away and do activities you enjoy while following social distancing guidelines.

For general questions about COVID-19 call the IDPH COVID-19 hotline at 800-889-3931 or reach out to your local health department.

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