2000: Many members of the congregation of St. Patrick’sChurch in Bristol, led by their deacons and altar servers, proceeded on foot tothe Parish Center on Walnut Street in Yorkville where a new church will bebuilt.
2000: Many members of the congregation of St. Patrick’sChurch in Bristol, led by their deacons and altar servers, proceeded on foot tothe Parish Center on Walnut Street in Yorkville where a new church will bebuilt.

April 2015

Local veterinarians are suggesting Kendall County dog owners keep their pets away from other dogs due to an outbreak of a new strain of canine flu. A vaccine has not yet been developed for this strain, which appears to have originated in China and South Korea.

April 2010

A group of Kendall County churches is planning to organize a PADS program (Public Action to Deliver Shelter). The program would provide temporary shelter and food to people in need.

April 2005

Senior Services Associates and the Salvation Army Golden Diners deli program, now housed in Countryside Shopping Center, will most likely be housed in the Beecher Community Center in Yorkville until a permanent senior center can be planned and built.

April 2000

The congregation of St. Patrick’s Church in Bristol closed their 115-year old church building and led by their deacons and altar servers, proceeded on foot to the Parish Center on Walnut Street in Yorkville where a new church will be built. Some rode on a hay rack.

April 1995

About 100 or so people attending the Bristol Township annual town meeting voting in favor of studying incorporation as a city.

April 1990

Yorkville and Oswego officials have tentatively agreed upon the first-ever planning boundary agreement between the two municipalities. The plan divides unincorporated Bristol Township into two sections.

April 1985

Kendall County Sheriff Charles O. McDonald has filed suit against the Kendall County Board and county treasurer over the funding of county investigators.

Yorkville’s new Second Ward Alderman will be Michael Thanepohn, who won a drawing after he and William Radke tied 16-16 on election day.

April 1980

The Yorkville Library Board has asked the Illinois Department of Conservation and Wildlife about obtaining part of the Game Farm as a site for the new library. When the Rt. 47 bridge over the Fox River is widened to four lanes, the present library will have to be torn down.

April 1975

The Village of Newark voted 172-115 to continue to ban liquor sales in the city limits.

April 1970

An Easter Sunday fire destroyed the Yorkville Y Supermarket.

April 1965

Last weekend workmen came to town and parked their vehicle on the east side of Bridge at the bridge. They started to chip and drill and first thing you know we’ve got stoplights at both ends. The long-awaited project to widen the roadway is apparently now in progress. New sidewalks will also be added outside the concrete structure.

April 1960

Yorkville voters approved $145,000 in bonds for sewer improvements and extensions. Proponents of the issue said the tax cost could be paid by refraining from smoking five cigarettes a day.

April 1955

The Salk vaccine for polio has arrived for first and second grade pupils in Yorkville. It will be administered free.

April 1950

In the closest race in years, William “Bud” Johnson was elected County Sheriff by 111 votes. He defeated Yorkville Police Chief Frank Martyn.

April 1945

A spirited election was held in the Village of Bristol (now north side of Yorkville) and 90 voters turned out to elect Rev. Walter S. Henry their mayor by one point over present mayor E. L. Campbell.

April 1940

The Yorkville Fire Department announced that the siren on the south side of the river will blow every Saturday at noon. The Bristol Fire Department siren (north side) sounds at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

April 1935

The old skating rink on Van Emmon Street is being torn down. It was used mainly for storage lately, but 50 years ago, in its hey day it was quite busy.

April 1930

If the prohibition amendment passes it is the gangster and bootlegger who will be dry, for it is their bread and butter.

April 1925

The results of the village election in Yorkville: For mayor, George Ohse 28, P. F. Whalen 1, J. Nading 1. In Bristol, 41 votes cast, Mayor is S. C. Sleezer.

April 1920

Jeter and Boston have sold their Lisbon Center elevator to Farmers Cooperative Grain and Supply. Stanley Naden is president of the new company composed of farmers from the neighborhood.

April 1915

Farmers around here have their oats all in.

April 1910

James Hatch of Plano will soon leave for the south where he plans to look over the old battlegrounds of the Civil War, of which he is one of the surviving veterans.

April 1905

A unique game of baseball will be played at the Fairgrounds when the “Giants” from the Business Men’s Club take the field against their sons.

April 1900

The firm of Hobbs and Sons has disintegrated and the captain, who has been the foremost business man in Yorkville for 46 years, is now retiring for a well-earned rest.

April 1895

Dirt is flying on the new addition to the Kendall County Fairgrounds.

April 1890

Farmers are making extensive preparation for spring work, and will soon be rushed.

April 1885

Will wonders never cease. Cisterns dry in the month of April.

April 1880

Billy Newton was elected school trustee to replace his father, the sheriff. Billy is fortunate in offices: town clerk, village clerk and school trustee.

April 1875

No empty houses in Bristol or Yorkville. The population has increased this spring and every house is occupied.

April 1865

April 20 issue ran with black borders between columns due to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

“For the benefit of our readers who do not take the dailies and for those who may wish to preserve a paper containing he account of the serious calamity, we publish the full particulars of the great crime.”

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