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MORRISON – Whiteside County Economic Development is putting out a call to regional manufacturers to help with production during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was said earlier today that ‘our Nation is united in this, with a 6-foot space between us, but still united’, and I am sure there are a lot of Northwest Illinois businesses that can contribute to the national manufacturing ramp-up of needed supplies,” economic development Director Gary Camarano said.

There’s a national shortage of several parts and equipment needed to aid health care professionals and others during the coronavirus situation.

The National Association of Manufacturers is asking businesses to fill out a survey to determine their potential to donate, produce and ship a variety of supplies including ventilators, face masks, filters, batteries, belts, and materials for coronavirus tests.

Companies can also list items that aren’t included in the demand.

Manufacturers can fill out the survey here:

Go to for more information.

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