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OREGON – The Ogle County Health Department has investigated 280 potential coronavirus cases and received 38 test results that came back negative.

The potential cases include persons under investigation, household contacts and close contacts, and 29 contacts have been released from quarantine, health department Administrator Kyle Auman said.

No cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Lee or Ogle counties, and the count in Whiteside remains at one.

“We are still asking that you call your health care provider if you are sick, limit contact with people outside of your immediate family, wash your hands frequently, cover your cough and sneeze,” Auman said. “If everyone does their part we can reduce the spread of this virus.”

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported 330 new cases of coronavirus, totaling 1,865 cases and 19 deaths.

As part of its coronavirus planning, KSB Hospital erected a tent Wednesday in case of a surge in those needing medical treatment.

“That could be used in the event that the activity in KSB’s emergency department exceeds our ability to handle that kind of volume,” hospital President and CEO Dave Schreiner said. “Our hope is that we never use it, but we’re looking ahead and planning for the unexpected.”

The Whiteside County Health Department is urging individuals with mild illness to self-isolate at home and seek medical attention only if their symptoms worsen or they experience emergency warning signs such as chest pain, difficulty breathing or confusion.

Those seeking medical attention should call their health care provider, emergency department, or 911 and discuss symptoms before arriving.

By foregoing testing and remaining at home with mild illness, people help reduce their chance of being exposed or exposing others, such as health care workers, to COVID-19 and help clinics and hospitals preserve their supply of personal protective equipment such as gowns, gloves, and face masks for treating those with more serious illnesses.

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