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The Kendall County Health Department alongside the Kendall County Fire Chiefs shared some information in a statement Wednesday afternoon, March 25, as a reminder for the community during this COVID19 pandemic.

During these challenging times, they are asking residents to safely check on their neighbors, especially the elderly and those in need. A phone call or video chat is a great way to stay connected.

In addition, please reach out to help each other. As able, communicate with your neighbors and share resources such as canned food and disinfectants. If items are needed from the local pharmacy or grocery store, please consider having one person shop for another. If you purchase goods for others, call ahead to make them aware of the delivery, drop your purchases at a closed front door, walk away and return to your house or vehicle and notify them that the delivery has been made. This is the best way to ensure social distancing is maintained. We must work together to keep our community healthy during this time.

Please continue to go to the Kendall County Health Department website to keep in touch with this evolving situation. Community members are welcome to call the Kendall County Health Department at 630-553-9100 with questions.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit these informational sites:; Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE real time map; and Coronavirus Prevention video.