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The founder of the Facebook group, "Community Cares in 308" has announced that the group is expanding its reach beyond Oswego School District 308, as the area continues to shelter in place during the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

To reflect the expansion, the group's name has been changed to "Community Cares."

"We are all members of many communities, from our cul-de-sacs to our schools to our cities and villages. Community Cares isn’t constrained by boundaries so our name shouldn’t be either," founder Robyn Vickers said in a post to the group page.

"Even when there's negativity from campaigning and school issues, I still believe it's a great place, and I knew that there would be families that needed things during this crazy time so I really just wanted to find a way to connect all of us that have the means to help with people that might need help," Vickers said in a previous interview with the Oswego Ledger.

Offering meal pick-up and grocery store assistance, homework and e-learning help, family activities and a range of other assistance, the group is working on ways to collaborate with area agencies that offer similar assistance, Vickers said.

Members have joined from Yorkville, Naperville, Montgomery, Plainfield and Aurora, she said.

Currently, the group is focusing on ways to assist the community during the changes that have come with the spread of the novel coronavirus, but Vickers said that the group will remain to help in other ways after the coronavirus shutdown ends.