Davis Sweeney (7) is second in our series focusing on high school spring athletes' reaction to and what they're doing while their season is in limbo.
Davis Sweeney (7) is second in our series focusing on high school spring athletes' reaction to and what they're doing while their season is in limbo.

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Ten questions with a high school spring sports athlete unable to play during the current coronavirus containment measures:

1) Name

Davis Sweeney

2) School, year, college plans

Earlville, junior, planning to attend college in 2021 and play baseball. "I hope baseball is in my future in college, but obviously I have to finish my junior and senior years at Earlville first and foremost."

3) Spring sport(s)


4) How did you first hear that the season was being suspended?

"(Earlville baseball coach Dillon Reel) texted me, because I wasn't at school that Friday when things went down. So he let me know that everything was on hold until further notice."

5) What were your and your teammates' feelings when first hearing the news the season was being halted?

"It really kind of surprised us a bit, but we're a very young team with only two seniors (Elyot Ohme and James Teuscher), so we all know most of us still have another year left no matter what happens this season. It’s the seniors we all feel bad for right now, that's for sure."

6) Have you been doing anything to try to stay in game shape (playing catch, getting together with teammates, etc.?)

"My brother (former Earlville standout catcher and North Central College freshman baseball player Brennan Sweeney) is home, so I've been pitching to him, and he's a great catcher, so that's helped me a lot. I'm also hitting balls off the tee to try to keep sharp, but that's basically as much as I can do with the limited space I have."

7) Have you stayed in contact with your coaches and teammates?

"We keep in touch daily most of the time in group chat, but we also take opportunities to actually talk in groups on different calls when we can."

8) What do you miss most about being able to compete?

"The competition against other teams and also connecting as a group with my teammates, because I really enjoy that when we're all together playing for one combined goal."

9) What were your personal goals for this season? How about team goals?

"For me, I want to be the best pitcher and leader I can be for this team. I want to grow a lot in each of those areas and see myself get better and better. As a team, obviously we want to win as much as we can but also solidify positions within our young ballclub in order to develop some continuity moving forward."

10) Do you think the season will still take place? If so, in what form/under what kind of schedule?

"At this point I don't know, and things could progress negatively even more within the next week or so before another decision will need to be made as to whether we're going to have a season or not. I really hope we do, and if we get back it would probably be a situation where we cut every conference game down to one instead of two and hopefully move into the playoffs and the postseason from there.

"At least we'll be playing baseball, and that's what all of us want to be doing right now."

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