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Our journalists are working tirelessly to inform our communities of closings, cancellations, actions of state and local governments, and the ways in which our communities are adapting to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

But we know there is so much more positive news out there, and we want you to help us tell it.Here is the latest Good News, as submitted by members of the community.

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Springtime scavenging

Submitted by: Anthony Giese

My daughter designed a Springtime Scavenger Hunt and we've been emailing it to families both friend and stranger. It had already been shared in 14 states and more people keep asking for a copy. It started here in Cortland, but some have asked if they could share across their business platforms. The idea started as a way to add Arts into our eLearning and it blossomed from there. She is 14 years old and is hoping to help families stay active and get some fresh air.

What's your good news?

Learning carts for kids

Submitted by Melanie Bickley

Jefferson Elementary School is putting a cart out daily this week with free school supplies and books for kids.
There is a Facebook page for the Genoa Area, Genoa, Kingston, Kirkland, letting everyone know about local food deliveries and pickups. It had over 550 members in 24 hours and is full of people offering community support. We are using Social Media to stay social! The group is:

What's your good news?

Submitted by: Gonzo's Pizzeria, Sandwich

A big shout out to the community in general for all the love and support it's shared to all the small businesses that wouldn't be alive otherwise, especially in very uncertain times as these, and because of that I'm very proud of the management/crew here at Gonzo's for doing everything they can to continue to return the appreciation to everyone of our customers, with that we say THANK YOU! You're all awesome!

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