Taylor Patterson
Taylor Patterson


Patterson bowled an 1,127 series at the Plainfield North Sectional at Echo Lanes in Morris, helping lead the Foxes to second place and their first team state appearance.

Patterson talked to sports editor Joshua Welge about her sectional meet, the season and more. Here is an edited version of the transcript:

Welge: What were the emotions like when you found out the team was headed for state?

Patterson: Just the fact that I did it with my teammates was enough for me. That we made it that far was insane. We were all in tears. We were just so happy.

Welge: How did the meet go?

Patterson: At first, it was pretty good, and then it got better. We had lunch, and after lunch was probably my worst game. We got better after that. We knew we needed to work hard.

Welge: Were you surprised about the result?

Patterson: At the beginning of the meet, my teammate Allison [Nape] said we have gone too far to let our season end here. We all had that mentality. We all pulled it together and did really good.

Welge: How has your season gone otherwise? What’s your high game?

Patterson: I bowled a 256 toward the middle of the season. I’ve been able to keep it pretty consistent, but this is the best season we’ve had.

Welge: How did you get started bowling?

Patterson: My whole family bowls. One time, I went bowling with my little cousin and realized this was fun, maybe I should try it. My friend wanted to join the team, and we did it together.

Welge: How often do you play?

Patterson: I usually go once or twice a month, sometimes more. It’s fun to go with my friends and family. I was going to do leagues this summer, but mostly it’s been during the season.

Welge: Do you play other sports?

Patterson: I play soccer for the school.

Welge: What do you like about bowling?

Patterson: I like the mental aspect of it, and the fact that you can be so close to your teammates.

Welge: How many bowling balls do you own?

Patterson: I have five bowling balls. I usually just bring three to meets. I have a spare ball for spares, a more-reactive ball and a less-reactive ball [for] when the oil breaks down.

Welge: Is there anything else you’re interested in?

Patterson: I’m really into photography, and I like biking.

Welge: What are your thoughts going into state?

Patterson: I’m really excited for all of us. I’m kind of nervous, but I think we will all do good playing together as a team.