A Canton man was cited Saturday for jumping a fence into the bison pen at Buffalo Rock State Park near Ottawa.

At about 4 p.m., a state park employee spotted Douglas Lounsberry, 28, and called police. Lounsberry hopped the fence, and entered a vehicle driven by his father, James Poppenhager, 47, of Kewanee. The employee relayed to police a description of the vehicle, the license plate number and the direction of travel, and Conservation Police Sgt. Phil Wire stopped the vehicle shortly after the two left the park.

Lounsberry was cited for entering a restricted area and obstructing ID after he provided police a false name, and was taken to the La Salle County Jail on a warrant. Poppenhager was arrested for DUI, expired registration and failure to signal. Illinois State Police also responded.

Wire said Lounsberry was trying to pet one of the two bison at the park, which he stressed is dangerous.

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