Matthew A. Milby Sr.
Matthew A. Milby Sr.

DIXON – The father of Dixon school shooter Matthew Milby Jr., himself an accused meth trafficker, now also is charged with trying to hire a hit man.

Matthew A. Milby Sr., 49, of Dixon, is charged with two counts of solicitation of murder for hire, punishable by 6 to 30 years in prison. They bring to 14 the number of felony charges pending against him.

Milby Sr. was hit with the new charges on Feb. 11 in Lee County Court, after an investigation that began in July, Dixon police said in a news release this afternoon.

According to the release, police twice spoke to a person who said Milby Sr., "on different occasions ... asked for the individual’s assistance in carrying out the murders of two people identified and known to Milby Sr."

No further details were released.

He was at the time, and remains in, Lee County Jail, now with four open felony cases pending; his bond is set at $500,000.

He has a long, drug-fueled criminal history.

In addition to the solicitation charges, Milby Sr. is charged in Lee County in two 2018 cases with trafficking methamphetamine; manufacturing meth; four counts of dealing meth, the largest amount being 400 to 900 grams; four counts of possession of meth; and a felony count of resisting an officer. The 2019 case charges him with another count of possession of meth.

He has hearings Feb. 27 in all four cases.

He has three convictions for possession of a controlled substance in cases dating from 1994 to 2003; a 2019 charge was dismissed. He also has a 2006 felony conviction for using a theft detection remover in a retail theft case, all in Lee County.

He has a 2001 burglary conviction in Whiteside County.

He also is in the final throes of a contentious divorce from his wife, Julie Milby.

On Jan,. 28, his son, Matthew A. Milby Jr., 20, was found unfit to stand trial a second time. He is charged with two counts of attempted murder and four counts involving aggravated discharge of a firearm.

On May 16, 2018, Milby Jr. took a 9mm semi-automatic rifle to Dixon High School, fired at a gym teacher he encountered in a hallway, fled, and was thwarted by school resource officer Mark Dallas, who stopped him with shots to the shoulder and hip.

In custody since the shooting, Milby Jr. first was declared unfit for trial in March after refusing to eat for several months to the point where he was hospitalized.

He was transferred to the Elgin Mental Health Center, where he was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder, with symptoms including severe social anxiety and odd or unusual beliefs that can worsen into delusional thinking, impacting behavior and the level he's able to function, forensic psychologist James “Matthew” Finn said.

He slowly showed signs of improvement over time – becoming more vocal and social and gaining weight – and so was declared fit for trial in early September.

He was taken back to the old Lee County Jail, then moved to the new Lee County Law Enforcement Center, where he again began to refuse to eat regularly or take medications, and once again was declared unfit.

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