A total of 22 teachers and administrators are set to retire from Oswego School District 308 at the end of the current school year.

The list includes: Jodi Ancel, District Administration Center; Cathleen Anderson, Prairie Point Elementary School; Vickie Baier, Oswego High School; Suzan Brostowitz, Wolf's Crossing Elementary School; Jesse Burgess, Transportation Department; Debra Carter, Churchill Elementary School; Janet DeMont, Fox Chase Elementary School; Madeleine Dermott, Wolf's Crossing Elementary School; Dimitrios Dravillas, The Wheatlands Elementary School; Donna Fangman, Thompson Junior High School; Laurene Gatlin, Oswego High School; Bethany Heimsoth, Wolf's Crossing Elementary School; Sandra Iverson, Old Post Elementary School; Julie Kreitzer, Fox Chase Elementary School; Linda Kulovitz, Prairie Point Elementary School; Karen Lansky, District Administration Center; Ana Lepe, Oswego East High School; Dinah Meyers, Long Beach Elementary School; Alfredo Palomo, Maintenance Department; Jennifer Volpe, District Administration Center; Susan Warren, Prairie Point Elementary School; and Michael Wayne, Oswego High School.

Between the retirees, they have worked a combined 606 years in OSD 308.

Several district employees will also be recognized for celebrating 25 years of employment with the district including: Collette Campasano, Murphy Junior High School; Lisa Devol, Southbury Elementary School; Robert Lawrence, Maintenance Department; Michelle Monti, Southbury Elementary School; James Nichols, Fox Chase Elementary; Jennifer Pergler, Southbury Elementary School; Christine Smith, Traughber Junior High School; Laura Waibel, Oswego East High School; Wendi Whowell, Traughber Junior High School; and Todd Winders, Maintenance Department.

The service of the administrators, staff members, and teachers will be recognized and celebrated in a special dinner April 30 at White Eagle Golf Club in Aurora.

Kendall County