To the Editor:

I support the election of Judge Justin Hansen.

Hansen was appointed to fill the judicial vacancy created by my retirement at the end of 2018. I was pleased to hear that the Illinois Supreme Court selected him for the opening.

Before he took the bench, Hansen was a highly regarded attorney. He was an accomplished prosecutor and served as a special public defender.

He also handled civil cases, representing individuals, small businesses, municipalities, doctors and hospitals.

He was successful, earning victories in jury trials here in McHenry County and surrounding counties. 

Perhaps most notably, Hansen has a reputation for being both very ethical and very capable. He zealously advocated for his clients but always maintained his honesty and treated his opponents with respect.

He was prepared in court and effective at trial.

His combination of experience, ethics and ability has earned him the respect of his peers, and it sets him apart from his political opponents.

It was my privilege to serve McHenry County as a judge for many years. I hope Hansen has the same opportunity. The county’s residents will be well-served if the residents of the 3rd Judicial Subcircuit elect Hansen and allow him to continue in that role. 

Please join me in supporting the election of Judge Justin Hansen. 

Michael J. Sullivan

Retired 22nd Circuit Court judge


McHenry County