YORKVILLE – After an anticipated shutdown on Monday, Feb. 10, the Kendall County website is going to have a new look.

Kendall County officials confirmed during the Tuesday, Feb. 4 County Board meeting that the county's new website is scheduled to go live sometime Monday, Feb. 10. It is anticipated that the count website will be down starting at 9 a.m. Monday and will be down for a couple of hours.

Matt Kinsey, technology services director for Kendall County, said the county last updated the website more than five years ago. He said the county is growing and with that comes the need for more modernization.

Kinsey said residents can expect more interaction between county officials and the general public, along with a more user-friendly experience for all.

"We're trying to empower them so they can communicate easier with the public,” Kinsey said.

Kinsey said those who want to become more involved with county matters also will soon have the ability to import the county's meetings calendar into their own personal calendars on their phones, for example.

Kinsey said the County Board recently approved $5,200 per year for maintenance, which is about the same rate the county was paying for the current website.

Kinsey said he hopes the public enjoys being able to better interact with the county through the new website.

"We try to make everything more accessible," Kinsey said.

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