Two ethics complaints against McHenry County Board members Jim Kearns and Mike Skala regarding the filing of statements of economic interest were withdrawn on Monday.

The complainant, Dan Giallombardo of Cary, wrote in an email to McHenry County Deputy Administrator Scott Hartman that he would be withdrawing his complaints, which were filed Nov. 8, but would be re-filing amended complaints in the future.

Giallombardo alleged that both county board members filed incomplete statements of economic interest and did not file the county’s addendum to the statement of economic interests for 2019.

All elected officials and certain state employees in Illinois must file annual statements of economic interest with the Secretary of State’s Office. Skala had said the inclusion of a county addendum to the statement of economic interests was a measure to offer more transparency in local government.

Skala has said that after speaking with McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio, he learned that he did not have a current addendum on file. He filed a current county addendum on Monday.

Kearns has said the allegations were part of a political "witch hunt."

Giallombardo said on Tuesday that he misquoted state statutes referenced in each complaint, forcing him to withdraw them. Although he did not give an exact date, Giallombardo said he would refile the amended complaints as soon as possible.

Due to Giallombardo's withdrawal, the complaints will be removed from the agenda of Thursday's McHenry County Ethics Commission meeting.

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