A Lakemoor police officer was issued a ticket after parking illegally in a handicapped parking space.
A Lakemoor police officer was issued a ticket after parking illegally in a handicapped parking space.

A Lakemoor patrol officer has been ticketed after being caught parking in a spot reserved for people with disabilities.

The officer parked in the handicapped parking space in Lakemoor Crossings Shopping Center, by Rosati's, Lakemoor Police Chief David Godlewski said on Tuesday.

The photo was taken by Micheal Anderson, who said he spoke with Lakemoor Police about the incident and then posted it on Facebook.

Godlewski was made aware of the incident at 2:20 p.m. Sunday and the officer was called in and issued a $350 ticket within the hour. In addition, he also will be facing internal discipline, depending on his past disciplinary history.

"It was obviously not appropriate," Godlewski said. "It was a violation of the law. All that will be explored. The punishment will fit the crime."

Godlewski said that the officer who parked in the space was "apologetic" and remorseful.

"He took full responsibility," Godlewski said.

The police chief was notified of the illegal parking incident through a text message he received on Sunday from a resident. The department received calls from other concerned citizens, as well. At that point, department officials conducted an internal investigation.

Godlewski said he isn't aware of this happening with any other officer while he has been chief, but it "won't be tolerated."

"We'll certainly address it at our next department meeting," Godlewski said. "Those handicap spots are specifically for handicap people...the reason [the officer did it] is irrelevant to me. The egregious act of it happening is enough."

Godlewski said he would not release the officer's name, as he is going through internal discipline.

In October, a McHenry County Sheriff's officer also was issued a citation for parking in a handicapped parking space.

That officer faced internal discipline, as well, and had to attend sensitivity training, according to the McHenry County Sheriff's Office.

“This is unacceptable behavior that is against our policy and procedures, unless responding to a call,” the sheriff’s department said in a statement posted to its Facebook page in October.


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