Members of the Huntley Police Department and District 158 conducted a preliminary investigation into so-called "troubling" behavior by a student, but found no credible safety threat, officials said Friday.

The district issued a statement on Friday morning regarding "reports of troubling behavior" by a Huntley High School student. School district officials didn't disclose the nature of this "troubling behavior" and whether it involved threats or physical actions. District officials also didn't disclose the student's age and gender.

"The school was made aware of a student’s behaviors that made some other students feel uncomfortable," the district statement states. "As with any report of troubling behavior, the school took immediate action to look into the situation and ensure student safety and wellness."

District staff contacted the police to provide "law enforcement assistance in conducting an assessment of any potential criminality or threats to student safety that may have been associated with the reported behaviors."

Police officers visited the student at home found no evidence to substantiate that the student posed "an acute danger to the school environment," according to the district.

"We understand that matters of school safety are always at the top of mind of families, as they are for schools and police. We strongly encourage anyone with information about potential dangers to share it immediately with school and police authorities," district officials wrote. "However, we ask members of the community to refrain from engaging in rumors regarding these subjects."

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