DIXON – Sauk Valley Community College is looking to increase part of its property tax levy by 1.55 cents per $100 of home value to meet the state average.

The increase would mean paying an additional $15.50 a year on a $100,000 home, but it likely will be offset by reducing other levy categories, as the college has done in previous years.

The Illinois Community College Board gave Sauk authorization for a special tax levy to bring its rate up to the state average, which is 29.05 cents for certain levy funds.

Sauk’s tax rate for the education and operations and maintenance levies came in below the state average, said Kent Sorenson, the college’s vice president of business services.

The Sauk Board recently approved a resolution to increase the rate by 1.55 cents per $100 equalized assessed evaluation, from 27.5 cents to 29.05 cents. The college’s total tax levy will go to the board for a vote in December.

The college has instituted similar increases in the past to meet the state average, and the increase would bring in an estimated $285,000 in additional revenue for operational expenses.

The increase doesn’t require a referendum because of state law allowing colleges to get up to the average, but voters could make the increase appear on an election ballot if 10 percent of registered voters in the district signed a petition to do so within a month. That would require 6,367 signatures.

The Sauk district includes Whiteside, Lee, Ogle, Henry, Bureau, and Carroll counties.

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