BATAVIA – Police responding to a report of three people fighting ended up with an arrest for driving with a revoked license and the confiscation of a freshly shot squirrel, according to a Batavia police report released through a Freedom of Information Act request.

When police went to the 500 block of North Batavia Avenue shortly before 5 p.m. Nov. 2, they could see three men standing some distance away from a maroon Toyota Camry, the report stated.

One had a bloody mouth, a torn shirt and was missing the shoe from his right foot, the report stated.

Another one looked disheveled as if he had been in a fight, the report stated.

Officers could see the butt of what appeared to be a rifle in the back seat, two opened 40-ounce cans of Budweiser in the front seat and on the floor behind the front passenger seat was a “deceased squirrel that appeared to have been recently killed,” according to the report.

One of the three, Belaw R. Htoo, 32, of the 700 block of Hammond Avenue, Aurora, was charged with driving with a revoked license and Ku Byae, 28 of the same address in Aurora, was charged with illegal transportation of open alcohol in a vehicle. Both are to appear in branch court on Dec. 10, according to the report and court records.

After police searched the vehicle, they determined that there were two rifles which were actually high velocity pellet rifles with hunting scopes attached, according to the report.

Both pellet rifles were loaded and stored with a tin of additional pellets, the report stated.

None of the trio possessed an Illinois hunting license, the report stated, so Batavia police called the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for the potential hunting violation.

Conservation Officer Keith Siedsma responded and took custody of the dead squirrel and seized the two pellet rifles, the report stated.

The squirrel, a female gray squirrel, had been killed by being shot with a pellet rifle and appeared to have been killed recently, Siedsma stated in the report.

Siedsma said he charged Htoo, Byae and the third man, Ler Mu Htoo, 29, of the same address, with the unlawful taking of a protected species in a forest preserve and possession of two uncased pellet rifles; and Ler Mu Htoo was also charged with hunting without a license.

Siedsma said the trio are expected to appear in branch court on the conservation charges.

Gray and fox squirrels can be legally hunted in Illinois to those with a hunting license and in areas where hunting is permitted. According to the Department of Natural Resources Hunting and Trapping Digest,, squirrel hunting season is from Aug. 1 to Feb. 15, 2020 with a daily limit of five.

The digest also offers a recipe for squirrel with dumplings on page 39.

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