Algonquin Township officials discuss matters during a meeting Wednesday.
Algonquin Township officials discuss matters during a meeting Wednesday.

Algonquin Township Board members approved a tentative property tax levy of $1,558,000 at Wednesday night’s meeting.

The levy, which will go to the township’s town fund and general assistance fund, is identical to last year’s, with no increase or decrease.

Trustee Dave Chapman suggested the board have the levy worked out by a professional, which could cost up to $300, he said.

“I believe there’s been enough questions about how this has been done over the years that we need to get a professional in here,” Chapman said. “I want to make sure the levy is correct and we’re giving our residents their value for their money.”

Chapman said if he were hired, for example, he would go through and look at the items they are levying for and make sure the township is putting the money it receives from the levy into the correct funds. The professional also would make sure the township is levying the correct amounts in order to obtain the amount of money it needs, Chapman said.

Trustees also voted to approve a tentative $3,596,162 Highway Department levy. It will be used for the township’s road and bridge fund, Social Security fund, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, insurance fund, audit fund and equipment and building fund.

This year’s levy for the road district is less than last year’s, when township officials approved a $3.66 million tax levy.

Because neither of these levies exceeded a 5% increase from last year’s extension, a notice and hearing are not necessary, according to the Truth in Taxation Act.

The board will vote on approving the final tax levy at its meeting next month.

Trustee Dan Shea said the township levy could be modified before its final approval.

“We basically said we think we need this amount this month and next month. After a month [passes], we sit down and say, ‘Oh, OK, we’re adopting this,’ ” Algonquin Township Attorney James Kelly said. “Or any member can vote and say, ‘No, we really need less.’ ”

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