Dalin Johnson
Dalin Johnson

It is 3:06 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 10. I received my schedule for my monthly columns on Oct. 4. I just sat down to write with no ideas, thoughts or drafts. My uncle, who is well aware of how I approach school work, immediately suggested writing about the current mess I have created for myself.

This morning, I wrote an essay for my AP Lit class that I have had a week to work on. After I finish this column, I will hopefully resist the temptation to do less important things and prepare a civics essay to write in class tomorrow, when I also hope to find the motivation to finish college application essays for two universities that are due Friday. By Wednesday, I need to have written another essay for AP Lit that I have had since the beginning of the school year.

This is the story of my senior year. I have done more of my homework the morning it is due instead of the day it is assigned. My habits are either symptoms of senioritis, which I firmly believe in, or I have become a procrastinator.

I never used to be this way. During my freshman and sophomore years, I did my homework as soon as I got home and even worked ahead. I was one of the more diligent students in my class. In fact, even though my family and friends disapproved, I stayed home Halloween night my sophomore year ... to do homework.

I think it is fair to say, I was too diligent. I refused to set aside time for extracurricular activities like sporting events or school plays. Now, I realize how important these things are for the all-too-quick-to-end high school experience.

Looking back, I regret not relaxing and allowing myself to have fun. These opportunities won’t always be here, and adult life is quickly approaching.

Both extremes have been my experience, and neither is the best approach. I have gone from being too studious to being buried in procrastination. Having five laborious assignments like these all due within a short span of time has taught me to find a balance between my underclassmen habits and now.

Everyone procrastinates in some way, whether it is with school, work or home life, and we all need to learn our limits. Some, including myself, work well under pressure, and others do not.

It is now 5:45 p.m. I have taken way too many breaks from writing. The Brenda’s Frozen Custard and hike were nice. Next month, I will allow myself much more time for my column ... or maybe the month after that.

DALIN JOHNSON is a senior at Somonauk High School. She can be contacted via Assistant Editor Julie Barichello at jbarichello@shawmedia.com.

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