A report that a Huntley child found a “large sewing needle” hidden inside a piece of her Halloween candy was a hoax, police said Friday.

Police launched an investigation after a 13-year-old Huntley girl told her mother Wednesday night that she bit into a mini Kit Kat bar from her Halloween candy and found a needle embedded inside.

Huntley police said the girl’s father then contacted the Huntley Police Department to report that the candy collected during trick-or-treating could have been tampered with.

One day after Huntley police asked parents to check their children’s Halloween candy for possible signs of tampering because of the allegation, Huntley Deputy Chief Mike Klunk said investigators determined that the girl’s story was fabricated.

Because of the teen’s age, she won’t face criminal charges “and consequences will be handled by [her] parents,” according to a news release.

Police did not disclose how they determined the allegation was false.

The allegation prompted Huntley police to report the tampering to the FBI and U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Klunk said Thursday, because it was unknown whether the needle accidentally entered the candy or deliberately was placed there.

Klunk said a child in Chicago also reported finding a needle inside a piece of Halloween candy, so Huntley detectives contacted Chicago police since those incidents appeared “very similar.”

This isn’t the first time Halloween candy has been the subject of a hoax.

In the late 1970s and 1980s, fears spread that needles, razor blades and poison were being found in children’s Halloween candy, triggering a scare that the treats were unsafe.

Many of these incidents later were deemed hoaxes.

However, a Texas boy died in 1974 after eating Halloween candy laced with cyanide.

His father was convicted and executed.

Four other children who received the tainted candy never ate it.

No other incidents had been reported to Huntley police by Thursday afternoon, Klunk said at the time.

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