DALZELL — Dalzell Grade School has been awarded an exemplary designation by the Illinois State Board of Education for its performance in mathematics and English language arts.

Superintendent Bruce Bauer said in a news release that Dalzell Grade School’s exemplary designation means it is in the top 10 percent of the state’s 3,058 elementary schools, with no underperforming student groups.

“Only 332 schools received the exemplary designation,” Bauer stated.

Bauer stated the school has focused on improved student achievement in mathematics and English language arts, and students have demonstrated “great academic growth.”

While the growth has been a team effort involving teachers and parents, “It is the Dalzell students through their hard work, determination and dedication to learning who achieved this exemplary designation,” Bauer stated. “Congratulations, Dalzell students.”

Bauer noted that last year, Dalzell received a commendable designation, “meaning we were not in the top 10 percent or the bottom 5 percent, but did not have any underperforming student groups.

“Last year, every school in Bureau County received a commendable designation. So this exemplary designation will be a first for a Bureau County school,” he stated.

“This achievement is truly deserving of a celebration,” he added.

“We at Dalzell Grade School hold high expectations for all students and believe every student can meet our expectations with the right supports,” Bauer stated.

He asks parents and guardians to continue to do their part in the process.

“We encourage you to continue to work with your student at home, because our school is strongest when we all work together,” he stated.

The exemplary designation was announced through the Illinois State Board of Education’s annual Illinois Report Card.

Dalzell Grade School’s report card data can be viewed at www.illinoisreportcard.com.

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