Carlos Estades (center) is escorted by Bureau County deputies to his bond hearing Wednesday.
Carlos Estades (center) is escorted by Bureau County deputies to his bond hearing Wednesday.

PRINCETON — Less than 24 hours after a day-long manhunt for a traffic-stop fugitive, the Miami-based suspect appeared in front of a judge facing multiple charges.

Carlos D. Estades, 48, is facing a Class 4 felony charge of aggravated assault along with Class A misdemeanor charges for resisting a peace officer and fleeing and attempting to elude.

Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Anderson laid out a case for probable cause against the defendant, alleging a Monday afternoon traffic stop that started as a warning, quickly took a wrong turn.

Anderson said State Trooper John Peyton pulled over Estades about 3:15 p.m. for following too close. Estades claimed he and a passenger were traveling from Los Angeles to New York in a rented Toyota Rav-4 for which he didn’t have rental papers. Estades, while sitting in the passenger seat of the trooper’s car, reportedly began to exhibit nervous behavior, Anderson said.

Estades then reportedly exited the squad car, jumped into his vehicle and attempted to start it. The trooper wrestled the keys from him and attempted to remove him from the vehicle.

During the struggle, he says Estades regained control of the keys and attempted to drive off with Peyton’s arm still in the vehicle. Peyton was pulled to safety by a fellow officer, and Estades escaped.

A multi-agency search took place in the ensuing hours, but Estades wasn’t located. He was next reportedly seen on foot in Princeton Tuesday morning.

After a few false leads, including a search at a farmhouse on Sixth Street where a second vehicle was found crashed, and a search of a house where it is believed he attempted to break in, Estades was eventually tracked down under a car at Freedom House at 7:15 p.m. and arrested.

If convicted, he faces anywhere between one to three years in prison for the aggravated assault and up to 364 days in the county jail for the misdemeanor charges.

There is an ongoing investigation regarding the stolen car found in Princeton, and more charges are possible.

Citing an extreme flight risk — based on both his actions over the prior 48 hours and the fact that Estades is a Dominican Republic citizen (though a U.S. resident) — Bureau County Circuit Judge Marc Bernabei approved the state’s request to set bail at $200,000, 10 percent of which must be applied for his release.

Should Estades bond out, he will be required to get court approval to leave the state.

Estades is represented at this time by the Bureau County Public Defender’s Office. He will be arraigned on Nov. 15.

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